Cass Regional Medical Center | Wellness Matters | Summer 2018

During his career, family practice physician Richard Price, MD, has treated 10 patients who have celebrated their 100th birthday and beyond. He credits the physician-patient relationship as a key factor in helping patients reach this milestone. “The most important thing in a physician-patient relationship is trust, but you must also have the same goals,” Dr. Price explained. “My goal of achieving their overall health and my drive to have my patients reach age 100 may not be their overall goal. As a primary care physician, I know that it’s important that I take the time to explain everything I am wanting the patient to do in detail so they understand,” he said. Dr. Price’s latest centenarian patient is William Nay of Harrisonville, Missouri. Nay has been a patient of Dr. Price since Dr. Robert Wheeler retired four years ago, and Nay would agree that, in addition to good genes, a strong relationship with his family doctor is important in enjoying a long life. “I like Dr. Price. I think he is a good man,” said Nay. “We have a funny relationship; we tell a lot of jokes back and forth. He is a good friend.” Nay and his wife, Pat, have been married 66 years and have a son and a daughter. After serving in the U.S. Air Force during World War II, Nay went to work for Lipton Tea Company in Chicago, which was later purchased by Unilever. He started as an administrative assistant and became the office manager for the company. When Nay retired in 1978, he decided to buy a couple of duplexes to manage in his spare time. When they are not traveling, Nay and his wife like to watch baseball and football. They are big fans of the Royals, White Sox, Cubs and Chiefs. “Mr. Nay is very intelligent and philosophic, and his attitude about life is excellent,” remarked Dr. Price. “We have a very good relationship.” Dr. Price also emphasized the importance of the patient being an active participant in their health care. “The most effective thing I can do as a primary care physician is to make the patient a member of their own health care team; they have to have trust in me to guide them,” Dr. Price added. “If I ask a patient to stop smoking, exercise or take a medication daily, they have to trust that I have their best interest in mind.” years and counting 100 Dr. Richard Price (left) with his 100-year-old patient, William Nay. for your HERE wellness matters INSIDE SUMMER 2018 Cass Regional receives patient safety award pg 3 Back to school: Make sure you’re ready pg 7 health.